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Please Be On The Lookout For These Criminals

Isn't it strong these days?
Isn't it wrong these days?
It won't be long these days.
Oh, we are strong these days.

-- from Rains to Cool My Anger

Welcome to the edge of society and beyond, where the strange world of Manson's Girls takes place. Nearly 50 years ago the fateful events of 1969 stuck a fork into the consciousness of America, perhaps deeper than it had ever been forked before or since. A group of fairly typical college age hippies fell under the spell of a master manipulator who spouted a mishmash of New Age fellowship, racism, and Beatles lyrics. What happened next is hard to imagine, and harder to forget.

We're gonna shake up the conversation!
We're gonna wake up a sleeping nation!
Trouble's coming to your town.
Helter skelter all fall down.

-- from Helter Skelter

Here are the sweet, smiling girls, laughing as they exit the courtroom after being sentenced to death. What could possibly turn these fresh faced and light hearted lasses into murdering maniacs? It takes less than you might think, and a shorter period of time.

I'm sick of the myths and the fairy tales.
Their words are like chains, their morals like jails.
This world's full of wonders unknown.
I gotta get moving and find out on my own.

-- from Little Girl Lost

What made them do it? It's a question that is more important than ever today, with deranged personalities occupying the highest positions in our society. Why do people listen to and obey such obvious sociopaths?

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The Reviews Are In!

"Brilliant show. Great approach to a somewhat taboo subject. There are some phenomenal songs that I suspect will find life outside the musical...Strongest moments for me were the building harmonies. When everyone on stage was singing together it was electrifying..."

"Great score and script; great cast and well directed. The pacing - a 90 min show that flew by... One of the best Musicals I have seen at Fringe"

"An astonishing accomplishment, better than I could ever have imagined. I could have watched another hour of it. Thoughtful, tuneful and by turns horrifying and hilarious"

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